1. I went to Boca Raton to play dominos 

    Date 01 Aug 2016
    AUSTIN, Texas — I went to Boca Raton, Fla., to play dominos in mid August 2012. I learned a basic or perhaps a simplified version of the game, which proved to be enough to have a few games with June and Jack. I returned to Austin a couple of days…

  2. The mysterious Indian business dealer

    Date 29 Mar 2016
    MANHATTAN – I met a weird man named Ram late at night in Union Square amid the day’s waning chaos – well, he said he said his name was Ram. While I didn’t believe him, I didn’t care enough to figure his real name, figuring it was none of my business. He…

  3. How I met The Oracle

    Date 29 Mar 2016
    CITY OF DUST, Nev. – He walked out of a large tent in a white-out dust storm on a dried prehistoric lakebed in northern Nevada, wearing a blue velvet tailcoat and khaki trousers, introducing himself as The Oracle. He took a sip of his iced tea and walked off to deal with some…

  4. Death is relative for merchants of violence and dreams

    Date 29 Mar 2016
    ELY, Nev. – “They’re really breaking my balls,” he said, seemingly to no one, putting his glass down with a clink of ice cubes, turning halfway to me and halfway to the bar.  “Yea, fucking bastards,” I muttered, pretending I knew what he meant.   I probably did. As far as I was concerned, the details of…

  5. How to find soaring, again

    Date 06 May 2015
    One day he did it, he jettisoned the wings, which had become a heavy burden.   He learned the ways of land-based bipeds and spent many a happy day walking upright among the humans. He learned to speak like a human, but with a hawk accent.  Not long had passed before…

  6. Eddy currents, ultrasonic imaging and a huge blast of X-Rays

    Date 23 Sep 2014
    RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – It takes more than oil changes and fresh windshield wiper blades to keep Randolph’s aircraft aloft. One needs to look closer, beneath the skin The 12th Flying Training Wing’s Maintenance Directorate uses non destructive inspection techniques to find cracks and wear, which keeps the…

  7. High speed across the vast expanse

    Date 16 Jul 2014
    There are two Americas, the actual one that is leaning more to the right toward a polite version of fascism and the America in legend, in movies. For now, we’re only concerned with the latter version The United States of vast expanse, of two-lane desert highways, of reverb rock bands,…

  8. I met a drifter in Arizona near the New Mexico border

    Date 16 Jul 2014
    I met a drifter in Arizona near the New Mexico border on Interstate 80. I walked into a rest stop for a bathroom break and to look around, when I heard a weather-beaten voice beckon my attention to a skeleton of a man sitting on a concrete bench under a…

  9. Grease, grit, Galaxy: Reservist keeps C-5 aloft

    Date 25 Jun 2014
    LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The enourmous black cable was filthy from being dragged across concrete through oil, jet fuel and grease Staff Sgt. Mikela Kleinhans, 433rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Air Reserve Technician, lugged the heavy cable from the “dash 86” generator to the belly of a C-5A Galaxy…

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