A Friday morning tradition: Coffee Outside

PORTLAND, Ore., — I rolled over to Laurelhurst Park way too early this morning for what has become a Friday morning tradition, Coffee Outside. As the waning darkness of late-night gives way to dawn, I meet with other Portlanders at a different park every week to bullshit about home repair, business plans and titanium sporks. 

Sometimes we talk about bikes, camp stoves or coffee-making apparatus; sometimes we exchange puns and glorious dad jokes, someone always lights something on fire accidentally. 

People bring all sorts of different camp stoves and methods of making coffee — I roll with Jaipur Avenue brand instant chai. My wife made me a batch of small cinnamon and sugar-coated muffins to share. Kirsten brought a loaf of lemon bread, someone else brought banana bread. Chaise or maybe Aaron brought Pop-Tarts.