I’m going in a different direction with this

PORTLAND, Oregon (29 October 2019) — I am changing how I use this space on my website. Since I set up this website, I had used this space for a mixture of feature news writing from assignment work over the years and some fiction. 

I think my fiction writing that was here will be better suited elsewhere; it’s not all going away from here, just some of it. 

The nature of the pictures that make up most of my website lends itself better to nonfiction writing, be it features, blogs, travel/adventure writing … the format of this blog and the website allows pictures and text, so it should make a good place to have some articles that are either awaiting pictures (I often shoot pictures with a mechanical film camera — that certain German brand — and I’m a bit behind in developing and scanning film).

Speaking of pictures, I still maintain my Flickr site, which has more pictures than what I have here. Since I have more content, it is less “curated,” for lack of a better word. It’s more day-to-day or ROP (run of the paper) material. 

Some upcoming stories:

            Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from July and August 2019

            Burning Man 2019 (although that may simply be only in the Burning Man section)

            Swift Campout from June 2019. 

I’m thinking of migrating the content from my bikepacking specific blog, www.alwaysthewronggear.com here. 

This is an experiment and something I’m sort of making up as I go along. It’s also a way to condense two websites into one, which should end up being better in the long run.

I’m also tweaking fonts and spacing, in addition to adding a date in the dateline. I’m not sure how to make dates appear publically in the posts. It shows the time and date of the last save, so if I forget to add it I can go back and look at that.

Thanks for reading.